Real Estate Photography

That is understandable. We are aware that your clients see us as your extended team. That’s actually why our name is Teamwork Photos. We see ourselves as part of your team. We have good people skills, and great customer service attitude. You will often hear good things from your clients after we’ve been there. That’s a promise.

Our standard delivery time is “by the end of the second day after the shoot”. This means if your appointment was Monday, you will receive your photos by late evening Wednesday. If you need the photos sooner you can upgrade to 1 day delivery when you place your order.

Unfortunately not. One of the secrets to keeping our prices at these levels, is to operate a lean machine. The automated booking process helps us do that. It also makes sure we have all the info we need on each and every appointment, which enables us to perform on schedule every single day.

You are welcome if you want to. But if you have better things to do, go right ahead. Most of our regulars choose just that. We’ve done thousands of homes and work as your extended team. You can trust us to show up and get the job done. 

No, as we have experienced issues with them in the past we have chosen not to. Ordinary lockboxes of any kind is fine. 

You will receive an email with a link. Click the link and the photos will download directly to your computer. The photos are already sized for the MLS, and you are ready to add them to your listing.

Generally yes. Anything crated is fine. Cats on the loose is fine but we cannot guarantee they don’t sneak into a photo here and there. Friendly dogs are fine, although some dogs do get scared of our powerful flash. It is recommended that the homeowner perhaps take the dogs for a walk during the photo shoot.

We will not enter a home with an aggressive, or fearful dog. It is your responsibility to avoid situations like that and you will have to reschedule and pay for another appointment if it does. Make sure you always clarify this with anyone living on the property. 

No need to. Our availability is updated 24/7 on the website. You can select the time slot that fits for you and the seller, and fill out all the information we need to do the job. Our photographers are always updated on appointments with integrated calendars and reminders. We’ll be there when we say we’ll be there.

HDR means “Increased Dynamic Range”. What most people associate with HDR is what is actually called “In-Camera HDR” which is a automated process. The downside to this process is low color accuracy, and white areas often looks weird. 

We shoot multiple exposures and hand blend these together in our post processing. This gives us the full Dynamic Range to work with, and a perfect result every time.

We use the newest Sony Mirrorless Cameras, and the sharpest lenses on the market. This combinations is optimal for both still photos and video and enables us to be in and out of the house without occupying the house the whole day.

We have done thousands of homes in Central Florida and we work for the biggest brands in the industry. We have experience with everything from Fixer Uppers, REO’s, Mobile Homes, Condos, Townhomes, Single Family Homes, Luxury Homes, Mansions, Commercial Properties, Restaurants, Hotels, Farms, and Military Bases.

Sorry, no you won’t. The secret sauce here is the editing. We have a whole team and we shoot using bracketing techniques that are specifically developed for Real Estate Photography. Even with the most expensive camera in the world, you will not achieve the same results without applying the same post processing.

No, we do not. We will move single items that we see will improve the image. But we don’t clean houses or declutter. So we do advice our clients to have that talk with the sellers, and go through how you will want the property to look like in your final images.



If you still have questions, we’d love to hear from you!

There are no stupid questions, and we like a challenge.

Possibly someone else have the same question as you so let’s grow that FAQ section together.